About Us

Will and Way Bracelets is an innovative, interchangeable approach to bracelet design. We created this concept with one main idea in mind. We wanted to give the customer creative freedom to design a multitude of caps that can be easily interchanged to match any need. With an emphasis on quality and an eye toward creative, versatile choices we have a product to suit any occasion.

Expertise within Will and Way Bracelets is not in short supply…we have qualified designers, experienced jewelry makers, with over 100 years of experience! What our team came up with is a functional, high quality,  thoughtful and economic product that caters to women of all ages!! 

The catalyst for the creation of our bracelet began with a desire to have a piece of jewelry that can take on different looks and can be worn alone or coordinate with your other jewelry…through a collaborative and thoughtful process, the magnetic cap was born! Once we nailed down the functionality of that concept, our imaginations took off!! 

The concept of interchangeable tops evolved from a desire to mix and match looks and colors. There are certain occasions that you want to have access to a bracelet that blends in and looks great with whatever outfit or look you are trying to achieve. You have unlimited mix and match choices with the Will and Way Bracelet! 

The sky is the limit when designing your cap! From a child’s “friendship” bracelet to designing your grandmother a cap with all of her grandchildren’s birthstones! You can monogram, add stones in a variety of ways, or engrave a personal message! You can do all three if you so desire! Check out our “ideas” page to jump start your imagination!

Our versatile magnetic cap is what truly sets us apart from other bracelet! We invite you to explore our website and create an interchangeable world of your own!